Sunday, March 1, 2009

Seeds we have purchased

We need to narrow it down a little. We haven't decided what all we want to plant. We like having plenty of choices!

Marigold (French) Dwarf Lemon Drop Seed
Trailing Nasturtium Mix
Sunflower, Giant Primrose
Sunflower, Mixture Spcs/Fms
Bobo Blue forget-me-not
Strawberry Fields globe amaranth
Mountain Snow
Triangle Flashback (OG) calendula
Scarlet Runner Bean
Outhouse Hollyhock OG
Lobelia Crystal Palace Seed
Love In A Mist Miss Jekyll Blend Seed
Black Eyed Susan Vine Seed
Morning Glory Bush Ensign Blend Seed
Daisy African Zulu Prince Seed
Morning Glory Grandpa Otts Seed
Cosmos Sensation Blend Seed
Cosmos Bright Lights Blend Seed
Alyssum Sweet Tiny Tim Seed
Alyssum Sweet Oriental Night
Salvia Blue Victoria Seed
Rudbeckia Goldsturm Seed
Zinnia Scarlet Flame
Pansy Swiss Giant Blend
Sunflower Vanilla Ice Seed

Ornamental Corn:
Corn, Japonica OG

children's garden:
Daisy White Button
Prickly Caterpillar
Grass Bunny Tails Seed
Pumpkin Sugar Pie
Sunflower Teddy Bear

Tomato, Brandywine (Sudduth's Strain)
Taxi (OG) tomato
Tomato Cherry Gardeners Delight
Tomato Pole San Marzano Organic
Pepper, Chervena Chushka OG
Pepper, Fatali Pepper,
Hot Portugal Pepper,
Jimmy Nardello's OGPepper,
Buran Pepper,
Orange BellPepper,
Quadrato Asti Giallo Pepper
Chile Jalapeno
Spinach, Monnopa OG,
Bean, Empress
Onion, Australian Brown
Onion (Intermediate Day) Flat of Italy Seed
Onion (Long Day) Ringmaster
Cucumber, Parade
Cucumber Armenian Seed
Cucumber Japanese Burpless Organic
Broccoli Di Cicco Organic Seed
Squash Winter Butternut Waltham
Squash Summer Straightneck Organic
Squash Summer Blk Organic Zucchini
Carrot Royal Chantenay Seed
Carrot Asian New Kuroda Seed
Carrot Baby Little Finger
Bok Choy Tatsoi

Goldie (OG) ground cherry
Sunberry OG,
Watermelon Ice Box Mickylee

Giant from Italy Parsley
Genovese Basil OG
Jantar cilantro

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